K. Daugherty, Charlotte, NC

Natalie is without doubt an exceptional talent. She brings to the table a great degree of maturity, creativity, imagination and above all a special eye to compose works of art that are fun to look at and think about when you know their origins. As a collector and owner of six original works, I highly recommend taking the leap and get at least one.

Jane Allen Nadine, Siemens Juror

“First place ‘Glance,’ was fascinatingly peculiar. This massive cylinder impacts the viewer directly at the mid-torso generating a feeling of power and authority. Suspended just off the floor it gives the appearance it could be solid, and falling would render a powerful thud. Gouged and marked the surface shows the artists’ hand at carving relief that plays a rhythm with lines and extraneous marks both on and imbedded in the material.”


Tom Lane, Center for Intentional Leadership

We have admired Natalie’s talents and creations for many years. We were fortunate to have a number of them on display at our conference center for a show a few years ago and are now fortunate to have one of her newest works as part of our permanent collection. Natalie’s work are thoughtful, visually interesting and playful. They draw the viewer into an eye-pleasing world of color, shape and texture.